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"My vintage inspired collection of colorful, hand-painted enamel details offer a touch of whimsy to your classic jewelry favorites. My designs celebrate the beauty and wonder to behold in a small object, like that of the perfect piece of jewelry."

Deborah Halperin, May Came Home

May Came Home is a vintage-inspired collection of statement pendants, signet rings and charm earrings with colorful, hand-painted enamel details. Playful animals and geometric shapes in a kaleidoscope of color offer a touch of whimsy to your classic jewelry favorites.

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National Jeweler Feature for May Came Home

The unique pieces in the May Came Home collection are informed by the extensive and diverse design background of creator Deborah Halperin. Born and raised in Manhattan, Deborah has made New York City her classroom—with studies at FIT and a Master’s Degree from Pratt Institute—and her muse. She is influenced by the city’s rich history, museums and street life and cites the collections at the Metropolitan Museum of Art as some of her greatest sources of inspiration.


Having worked with such iconic brands as Robert Lee Morris, Christopher Walling and Tiffany and Co., Deborah was motivated to begin her own collection. Deborah Halperin Jewelry Design was quickly established, sold at Barney’s and featured in Glamour and W Magazine. After a sabbatical from her eponymous line to further her formal education and expand her repertoire designing for such notable names at Barnes and Noble and Carnegie Hall, Deborah has returned to jewelry design with the reimagined brand, May Came Home.

Inspired by an e.e. cummings poem, “maggie, millie, mollie and may,” the May Came Home jewelry collection celebrates the singular role that jewelry plays in self-expression.  As beautiful and unique as a flawless slice of sea glass found in the sand, each piece of May Came Home jewelry is an exciting discovery, delighting the wearer and unlocking their inner style. 


Each enamel piece of May Came Home jewelry is created directly by designer Deborah Halperin using CAD technology, and 3D printed, then cast into either gold or silver. The enamels are in the champlevé style -- each cell of the pendant, bracelet, earring or ring is filled with enamel, then sanded down to a flat, surface, level with the metal. The hand-painted enamels are hardened resin and come in both opaque and transparent colors, unless otherwise noted. All pieces are made by hand in the USA, with the help of many 2nd and 3rd generation jewelry craftspeople.