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“Painting in watercolors as a hobby has taught me to try colors that I would have never have thought would work together, yet I found in juxtaposing the unexpected that the natural beauty of the gems are highlighted, and they catch a woman’s eye and draw her in on a visceral and emotional level.”

Lori Friedman, LoriAnn Jewelry

Lori Friedman, the designer behind Loriann Jewelry, creates pieces that revolve around exclusively cut stones, which stir the imagination and look like they came directly from the earth or washed up from the sea. She prefers organically shaped gems and is inspired by all that Mother Nature provides, from the found objects and colors of marine life to the textures and shapes that stem from plant life.

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The designer behind the collection, Lori Friedman’s work is a culmination of influences, including her own hobby of painting with watercolors and her passion for exclusively cut stones. Lori is inspired by all that Mother Nature provides, from the textures, found objects and colors of the sea to autumns in the woods, and the exotic flora and fauna of tropical paradise.

It’s not surprising to learn that Lori’s mother was a vintage jewelry collector. “My initial passion for jewelry was first fueled while treasure hunting with my mom on weekends. What Lori was most attracted to during those times were antique and ancient ivory pieces, which she gathered and bought each time she found one. “I was fascinated by the intricate and exquisite detail of these carvings, which I held onto for a long time.”

Lori’s first career was in graphic design and as an art director for an engineering company, and eventually a freelance designer for small businesses. After a brief hiatus to spend time with her children, Lori’s attraction to uncommon gemstones and unexpected color combinations led her to create a small group of one-of-a-kind pieces with rare stones. She included the ivory pieces she held onto for so long. After all of these pieces sold, she continued designing and in 2016 launched a full-scale jewelry collection.

Her fine jewelry line has evolved from her first collection, which was aptly named Water & Ice and reflects the aquatic fluidity and calming translucency of the ocean. “My initial instincts are always to go with the tranquil and tonal blue, green hues but I have since realized I needed to expand past my comfort zone.  As I move forward, I am working with combinations that evoke far off lands and tropical islands—punchy vibrant and exuberant colors which remind me of lush plants and vivid floral blossoms.” she explains.

Lori who believes in the power of gemstones for luck, passion, prosperity, and love has always had an affinity for women wearing amulets and has created talisman such as horns in natural stones with diamond and other accent gems ‘to bring all of the women who love, buy and wear my jewelry good fortune.”

Lori recently won the Mort Abelson New Designer of the Year Award at the Summer 2017 JA Show.


“I don’t believe in rules or restrictions when it comes to jewelry—never be hesitant to layer different themes or colors within my collection. It’s all about wearing what you love and loving what you wear!” 

Irregularly shaped multi-slice pendants in tonal or complimentary hues are her go-to charms in the collection and her own wardrobe. Easy and versatile, they are the type of pieces you just have to throw on without thinking about when you are getting dressed. 

Translucent nuggets and large irregular pear shapes borrow from the tranquility of oceanic blue/greens of the sea. These same pear shapes come alive in a painterly palette of pastels popped with fiery opal which picks up the color of each gemstone.

Although all the main gemstones in the collection are organic in shape, Lori is accenting many of her pieces with a more refined finish. Her signature gold wire detail, which she would add to the front of her pieces as a design element, has now turned into a larger group with the wire forming a cage over the gemstones.

The different groups in her collection include :

  • Organique, evoking the natural elements of the earth

  • Provence, imbued with the delicacy of twigs, branches and floral buds found in the gardens of France

  • Amuleto, offering luck and good fortune to the wearer

  • Mediterranean, conjures the tranquil blue/greens of the sea and pop of colors of the sun setting over the horizon

  • Moderne, a contemporary and less formal take on Art Deco styles in its silhouette as well as palette

  • Galaxy, a collection of angular shapes that evoke an ethereal and magical feeling beyond our realm

  • Harmony, balanced shapes that symbolize a sense of being whole and complete

  • Unity, focuses on the amalgamation of design and juxtaposition of color to create a sense of oneness


Lori welcomes customizations and commissions.