"In my work, I explore and am inspired by the juxtaposed aspects of civility, opulence and romance of the Victorian era. My designs carry a deep connection to this historical period, offering my clients an opportunity to explore a personal journey into this time, while always remaining present."

Jessica Noelle, J.Noelle

Jessica Noelle handcrafts her collection in a studio inside an old velvet mill in southeastern Connecticut. Working with precious metals and stone settings, the work is reminiscent of both the past and the future.


Jessica Noelle is an experienced goldsmith, stone setter and jewelry designer. She employs ancient metal working techniques such as enameling and lost wax casting and her work has a heavy emphasis on hand fabrication which is why each piece has its own unique identity. The fine jewelry pieces that Jessica designs and fabricates is executed with a high level of craftsmanship and artistry using sustainable metals and ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones.   

Jessica Noelle designs and fabricates artisanal fine jewelry that is passionately inspired by art history, nature and her desire to create timeless opulence. She trained as a metalsmith at the Academy of Art University in California, apprenticed in Florida and is a GIA graduate gemologist.

Obsessed with a laissez-faire approach to her craft, enabling the piece to find its own way, whilst under her control - a contradiction that is embedded throughout Jessica's work. She starts each piece with a silhouette in mind, then drapes, layers and carves the precious metal and stones dependent on the moment, finding artistic solution when the materials refuse to conform. Lines and openings appear in the process, which she follows, fills, dresses and adorns, enabling the piece to flex with its own character.



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