Proper jewelry care begins with respecting and honoring your jewelry. It is never recommended to wear jewelry while swimming, bathing , cleaning, exercising or gardening. Best practice is to remove your jewelry prior to engaging in any activity.

Body lotions and perfumes should be applied before putting on jewelry. Exposure to these substances can lead to fine metal discoloration and erosion. 

Sterling silver should be cleaned with a soft buffing cloth to remove natural tarnish and without using harmful abrasive cleaners. Matte and oxidized silver should not be rubbed with a polishing cloth as this can wear away the finish. For fine gold metals, we recommend simple warm water and mild, non abrasive dishwashing detergent and a soft toothbrush. Rinse and pat your jewelry dry with a soft cloth. Pearls should never be submersed in water. Due to the delicate nature of pearl jewelry, it is highly recommended to have your pearls cleaned by a professional jeweler.

Jewelry with stone settings should be checked yearly by a professional jeweler. Even the hardest stones, such as diamonds, are not immune from damage.

Our artists stand behind their work. In the event your piece needs repair, we suggest you contact us to make arrangements . All repair costs are quoted on a case by case basis.