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"I love using ancient techniques to craft modern treasures and love jewelry because its art you can wear."

Jenny Reeves

The California landscape provides constant inspiration.  It's a unique mix of natural and man-made, serene and wild, old and new reflecting the same contrasts we see in ourselves and Jenny Reeves' fine jewelry celebrates this!  It's designed for people who are both rugged and refined, wild yet civilized, love modern life but have a connection to nature and to the past.  And each piece is crafted for everyday wear using recycled precious metals and thoughtfully sourced stones.


Jenny Reeves' fine jewelry collection is inspired by the California landscape - it’s earthy and modern, edgy yet sophisticated.

After moving from Philadelphia to her current home in San Francisco, Jenny had a number of jobs - lifeguard, accountant, muralist, bartender - before discovering a passion for metalsmithing.  One class and she was hooked. 

She loved using ancient techniques to craft modern treasures, and loved metal for it's durability and renewability. Making wearable art from sustainable materials was the perfect way to blend creativity and personal values. 

Jenny studied classical goldsmithing at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts where she has taught since 2011. She supports Made by Survivors, an NGO that rescues, educates, and employs survivors of human trafficking and slavery.

When not in the studio she loves hiking, camping, musical performances, and having fun with her favorite people.


Jenny is a member of several design groups and guilds including :

  • Contemporary Jewelry Design Group

  • Bay Area Metal Arts Guild

  • Argentium Guild

She has received the following awards :

  • 2014 Art Domain Group’s Arts and Crafts Design Award nominee

  • 2014 MJSA Online Design Challenge participant

  • 2013 Niche Awards finalist

  • 2012 Top 5 finalist, Halstead Grant Competition

  • 2012 Mort Abelson Award finalist for New Designer of the Year

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