“I love to design jewelry that not only makes a woman feel beautiful, but carries meaning and evokes a connection for her personally. I create treasures that captures a moment of time in a woman’s life.”

Jennifer DeMoro

Jennifer DeMoro designs jewelry intended to represent and celebrate the multi-faceted extraordinary women who inspire her daily. Jennifer recognizes the complexities of the modern woman’s lifestyle and her collections are thoughtfully and compassionately designed with this understanding. Elegant, minimal and feminine, with attention to detail, craftsmanship and color, the inspirational collections are perfect for everyday wear and special events.


Jewelry found Jennifer on the day she was born- quite literally. Right after her birth she was gifted a gold angel charm necklace by her late grandmother. This necklace served not only as a token to celebrate her birth, but also as a talisman of protection that her grandmother wanted to ensure. This necklace carried meaning and connection for Jennifer and also secured her on the path of her jewelry journey.

Her love of jewelry making began as a young girl when she created her first piece - a lovely paper mache beaded necklace -that she presented to her mother on Mother’s Day. It was at this point that Jennifer found her real love of creating and this prompted her to pursue all aspects of jewelry making. From that time on, she built her jewelry knowledge by taking local classes, experimenting on her own and later attending classes at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts.

Although Jennifer took a different direction and pursued a career in education for 20 years, she continued to follow her love of jewelry during much of her spare time. It was only after the birth of her son that she pursued her true dream and officially launched Jennifer DeMoro Jewelry.

Fast forward to today, her mission is to design beautiful-crafted, unique jewelry for multi-faceted women who are genuine, evolving, passionate, inspiring and strong. These are the values of her company and how she strives to live her own life.


Jennifer’s fine jewelry collections celebrate and honor the modern woman, their personal life journey and their authentic inner beauty, composed of fine metals and hand selected gemstones.

  • The Bloom Collection is dedicated to all the inspirational women Jennifer is lucky enough to call friends. Wearing these pieces will not only bring out your inner beauty but will remind you of the beautiful woman you are. 

  • The Sunset Collection captures the special moments and milestones of life’s journey. The glorious beauty of the painted skies at sunset inspired this richly colorful collection.

  • The Mariposa Collections is Jennifer’s initial collection and signifies her personal journey into fine jewelry. Inspired by the butterfly and the transformation it takes while on its journey in life. Symbolic for change, joy and beauty, this collection honors one’s transformations, celebrations or personal achievements.

When not designing or working on her jewelry skills, Jennifer enjoys her time with her husband and 5 year old son. She resides in Southern California.