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“They say if you wander far enough, you will find yourself. Though each of us must find our own way, if we listen closely, footsteps of those who came before us can inform our paths. Clients often tell me my jewelry speaks to them. They are drawn to it. May it spark their spirit, reconnecting them to the wonder and curiosity of their own journeys.”

Heidi Kingman


If you’re on the path of creativity, learning or growing, which direction do you take? The easy one without risks, or the unknown path, with challenges and bumps along the way? If you are an explorer and student of life experience, like goldsmith Heidi Kingman, there is no “easy” way. Always challenging herself in every aspect of her life, she is on a continual mission of creative evolvement. Her handcrafted jewelry collections seek to “spark your spirit” as you continue on your own journey. Echoing the footsteps of the ancient world, her fresh designs reveal a path as they manifest through fine metals and natural gemstones.



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As a kid, Heidi Kingman earned the nickname “George” — as in Curious George. She was constantly asking questions. She favored hanging out with the adults and listening to stories of family lore and travels, cultures explored and art witnessed.

Later Heidi’s college education echoed her early interests and curiosity. She studied art and art history, dance, world religion and philosophy, science and medicine, and eventually law. While working in clinical medicine for a decade, she continued taking courses — trying to find her way. Today Heidi is an attorney by trade, but still an artist by passion.

When Heidi was introduced to the world of jewelry design, she fell in love with the color, texture, and mineral curiosities of gemstones. She immersed herself in books, workshops and industry forums. Encouraged by hugely talented mentors, she delved into goldsmithing and found herself drawn to the hand-fabricated traditions that stretch back across ages of art and culture to the earliest roots of human creativity. She strives to bring that ancient spark forward and breathe it into her fresh contemporary designs.

Using fine metals and select natural gemstones, Heidi maintains the integrity of the human touch by using time-honored hand-fabrication metalsmithing techniques. She creates each piece herself in her Utah-based studio. 

By rooting her contemporary design aesthetic in the soul of the ancient world, Heidi 's artisan jewelry designs echo the interconnectedness with those that came before us, those we walk alongside, and those that will come long after. Her collections reflect upon the different paths and points of our journeys.  






Throughout our life's journey, we find ourselves on different paths along the way. Some sections are well-worn and well-marked. Sometimes we strike out on our own and take the “my way highway” route. We pause from time to time, building trail markers and enjoying the scenic vistas that stretch out before us. And often, we find ourselves at a crossroads, seeking that little spark within to guide our spirit. Even as we are constantly moving forward, we bring along the wisdom and learning we’ve gathered along the way. 

Heidi's Themed Storied Collections Include :

Trail Marker Collection : Highlighting pivotal moments along life's journey, big and small, and everything in between. 

Spark Within Collection : Echoing the footsteps of our ancestral relatives, what was the spark that encouraged them to take their journeys? How do we remain connected to their inner spark? Where will we take it?

Well-Worn Path Collection : The textured surfaces of this collection ensure you can stay on the trail . Whether your path has been known to you all along, or you've only just discovered it, this smoothed bit of trail is here to guide you.

Scenic Vista Collection : This collection focuses on those poignant moments and stands to capture the bit of wonder when we pause to soak up the sights, sound and scents of your life's journey.

My Way Highway Collection : This collection is inspired by those moments when you just can’t take the usual path anymore.You have to strike out on your own, whack through the mundane weeds and make a break for it!