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In the summer, down the hill and across the road, by a winding trail through the tall grass, sits the most gorgeous cherry orchard that one did ever stumble upon. Rows and rows of fruit trees, as far as the eye could see, the branches hanging low bejeweled with pink cherries - fat and plump, just resting there, patiently waiting to be picked. 

Earlier in the season, the rows of trees are veiled with cherry blossoms announcing the return of spring. From afar, it almost seems like a giant white and pink-blended wave. But look closer and realize that each tree, branch and flower are all unique in their own little way. These orchards are especially fascinating to one who hasn't experienced the simple joys of picking their own fruit and creating something magnificent using those fruits, such as preserves, adorn parfaits, cakes and pies. There is nothing sweeter or more delicious. 

This ring is from the Bonjour Belle collection, inspired by the artists recent journey to Lacoste, France

Measurements and Details

  • Sterling : This sterling silver Fleur de Cerisier Ring features a single blossom, 22mm in diameter, at the center of the signature ripple-pattern band.

  • Sterling with Gemstone : This sterling silver Fleur de Cerisier Ring features a single blossom, 18mm in diameter, with your choice of cabochon gemstone approximately 5mm in diameter placed in the middle.

  • The blossom sits at the center of the signature ripple-pattern band. The band measures approximately 8mm at the widest point. as it gently wraps like an organic vine around your finger.

The band is adjustable with a slight opening at the back to allow for versatility in fit.

Please indicate your ring size prior to proceeding to the checkout. Note that this ring does have the ability to adjust slightly if needed. 

At Kristen Baird®, the sterling silver used is partially to fully recycled and the gemstones used are ethically sourced in line with the commitment to social responsibility. Each piece is handcrafted in her Savannah, GA based studio and stamped with a metal mark and maker's mark prior to delivery.

One-of-a-kind, handcrafted pieces may contain slight variances from the photos shown. These variances allow each piece to be unique and never take away from the quality of work or the complexity of design.

Made to order please allow one to two weeks production.

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