A collection that is uniquely contemporary yet reminiscent of vintage luxury; structurally minimalist but makes a bold statement!

The genesis of this collection, was merely a desire to harmonize organic with geometric; to create a collection that unifies the simplicity of a clean angular form with my signature organic/textural design style. The result, is the timeless beauty that is, Gold Crush! Fabricated from thick gauge bronze and bathed in heavy 18K gold plating, Gold Crush possesses a rich earthy character. Each stroke of texture is individually placed by hand and tiny pieces of crushed pyrite (fool’s gold) are meticulously arranged in an inlay, adding a unique character to every piece.

Eye-catching, sophisticated and bathed in gold!


  • Width: 2cm

  • Opening 1”

  • Inside diameter: 2.5”

Not recommended for constant manipulation/ size adjustment

Slips over the hand/wrist

Fits a small to medium wrist

Note: Because inlay is a handmade process, no two pieces are exactly alike. Please allow for slight variation in inlay composition between your piece and images depicted.

This cuff is limited edition. Very few pieces are available.

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Made to order by hand in Trinidad and Tobago. Please allow up 2-4 weeks production.

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Ships from Trinidad Tobago