"I love making jewelry, it’s a combination of art and craft that is exciting. I hope the wearer finds beauty and strength in each piece, it should be a reminder of the mysteries of the universe.


Asia Ingalls

Celebrate the wonders of the Universe with Asia Ingall's celestial themed collection of modern jewelry, often highlighted with hints of diamonds for added sparkle. Whether the sun, the moon or the stars, this collection allows you to find your own personal connectivity with the vast and the unknown.

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Asia Ingalls started her career as a painter in New York City. After completing an MFA from Yale University, her work has been shown in galleries throughout the United States and abroad for the past two decades. Asia has also been active in teaching craftwork in a number of New York City high schools and has recently completed training as a Waldorf teacher. She has taught woodworking, metal crafting and jewelry making.

While far too numerous to mention, here is a partial list of Asia's art exhibitions over the past decade :

  • 2013 Fall benefit, Anderson ranch, Aspen, Colorado

  • 2013 The Women, Peter Marcelle Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY

  • 2012 Group show, Chashama Gallery, NY, NY

  • 2009 Holiday salon, Salon Ciel, NY, NY

  • 2008 New York/ New England New Talent Show, Hamden Gallery, Amherst, MA

  • 2007 Black & White: Grey Matter, Cheryl McGinnis Gallery, NY, NY

  • 2007 The Submissions Show, Sarah Bowen Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

  • 2007 NurtureArt Benefit, Cue Art Foundation. NY, NY

  • 2007 The Square Show, The Temporary Museum of Painting, Brooklyn, NY

  • 2007 Animals and Plants in abstract and urban worlds, IPTAR, NY, NY



Each piece is handcrafted with a variety of metals including sterling silver, copper and gold. The connectivity of earth and space continues to be a prominent theme within her work. The “Star” series and “Moon” series, like her “Constellation” design, are hand-pierced to create space within the pieces and thus allow light to pervade them.

Like the idea of ephemeral sky and depth of space above the earth, Asia believes there is great beauty in what is not seen or not obviously seen. Different textures, stones, and shapes connect her love of the elements and convey different moods and themes. Many pieces are engraved with words that have meaning and purpose, returning to that first inspiring love of all of the elements, which have now been combined into unique and beautiful jewelry.  

Her cuffs, rings and pendants all reflect her fascination with both the natural and celestial worlds. Each piece is handcrafted while striving to embody the true essence of her artistic vision. Her work is carried in retail stores who feature innovative jewelry design, and she regularly travels with her designs participating in trunk shows in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York City, where she resides.