“In this day and age of mass production and knock off ‘design’, I am dedicated to continuing old world traditions and technique,
paired with the mastery of skills to create luxurious jewelry to last a lifetime and beyond."

Andrea Gutierrez

Age-old artisanal techniques have always given Andrea Gutierrez Jewelry its muscular, roughed-up glamour. The refined yet imperfectly shaped spheres, dagger-like spikes and scarred surfaces offset with precious gemstones and marble-size pearls are an edgy presence in the world of fine jewelry.



Andrea's career has been devoted to designing luxury products. She began with hand-painted stationery items including gift cards, invitations and notecards, which were sold at luxury retailers Bergdorf Goodman, Takashimaya and Gumps, and other luxury boutiques.

She designed for Crane Paper Co., and from paper design she moved to hand embroidered and gemstone beaded fine linens to porcelain gift items, to creating one of a kind throw pillows embroidered with gemstones, beads and thread.

Her throw pillows were a major turning point when a client in Malibu, grabbed a throw pillow and said “I want this on my wrist!" That is when she found the love of her life-jewelry.

 Andrea was educated in Europe and attended The College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, California, where she studied graphic design. She currently resides and has a studio in Santa Monica, California.

Working with clientele from all over the world, she welcomes custom orders and commissions.

Inspired by art and architecture, engaging both the Brutalist and the Baroque, Andrea prodigiously produces unique modern designs with heirloom potential. As fearless and committed as any sculptor, Andrea hand-carves and casts her pieces in solid gold and solid sterling silver, often accented with a spray of precious or semi-precious stones and maybe a Tahitian or South Sea pearl as big as a gum ball.

Bold but never vulgar, brilliant but not glitzy, these pieces project their polyglot appeal with exquisitely layered brilliance and imaginatively applied materials referencing both ancient and modern culture. 

After seeing an image of esteemed furniture designer John Lyle’s Vestal table, Andrea was inspired to develop and design The Vestal Jewelry Collection.

Andrea's designs are carved, cast and creative to the core, with boundless creativity and customization.