Jewelry is a very personal thing. It should tell a story about the person who is wearing it.
— Garance Doré

The Jewelry Showcase is a carefully sourced, hand selected and curated collection of the finest independent jewelry artisans. Every one of our artists was chosen for their unique style, attention to detail and excellence in hand craftsmanship. Every artisan has their own offering and shop within our main site. Browsing through our boutique collections you will discover a variety of styles, themes and price points. From everyday wear to romantic heirloom collections, understated or dramatic, earthy bohemian luxury, carefully sourced gemstones, sterling silver and fine metals in 14K and 18K gold. We strive to offer you the very best selection and assortment in contemporary handcrafted artisan jewelry from emerging and established jewelry artists and designers.

If you value quality, pride in ownership and original design, we know you will appreciate the artistry that each one of our independent jewelry designers offers to this curated jewelry platform. By choosing one of their handcrafted jewelry designs you are supporting their passion for excellence, creativity and fine design, as well as supporting independent small businesses.

Our artisans do not mass produce their work. Many of their creations are made to order, and will require a bit of extra time to produce, but will be well worth the wait. Many of our artists use waste reducing recycled fine metals as well as ethically mined diamonds and gemstones . Some collaborate with and donate a portion of their proceeds to charities.

Learn more about each one of our artists by exploring their individual pages and step into their world of creativity.  The Jewelry Showcase spotlights each artisan. Each one has their own story to share with you. All our artists are listed here.

Some artists accept customized upgrades to their existing designs, and many accept commissions.  Please inquire and we will forward your request to begin your very special handcrafted customized artisan jewelry design project.

In addition to offering you excellence in handcrafted jewelry design, we offer you exceptional customer service. We are always here to help, answer questions and provide you with fast, friendly and efficient follow up. 





" At the heart of creation is the artists' core message. Jewelry is a very personal experience both for the artist and the recipient. Each of our hand selected artisans creates from their heart. The Jewelry Showcase is an opportunity to communicate the essence of their labour of love with you.


Faith Marcus, the founder of The Jewelry Showcase has over two decades of experience in fashion, accessories and luxury goods . Her background is vast and diverse, with expertise in retail management at store and executive level, buying and visual merchandising, training and customer service, and talent recruitment.

Faith worked for Yves Saint Laurent as a buyer for the prêt-à-porter in Paris and for YSL accessories, and was General Manager of a Saint Laurent Rive Gauche boutique. She was honored to work with legendary interior designer Andrée Putman on dressing and styling the mannequins that Madame Putman designed for YSL. She worked for Louis Vuitton North America for over a decade, where she was elevated from multiple store management to Regional Director of Western Stores and supervised marketing, visual merchandising and recruitment. She held a dual role as National Director of Training for the North American zone, where she created and facilitated programs for newcomers and executives covering wide ranging topics, from product knowledge to best customer service standards, elevating performance as well as creating motivational tools. Her specialized programs were focused on brand ambassadorship before it became a mainstream concept. Her unique and forward vision in next-level training and customer service standards led to her being recognized for excellence in training for a global company. During her tenure, she also worked with the luxury brand Loewe (an LVMH company) as General Manager of their Rodeo Drive flagship store, and buyer for their wholesale representation in the U.S.A.

Her career has taken her from New York to Miami to Beverly Hills. 

After leaving the corporate world, she launched her own vintage interior décor and accessories business specializing in French and Italian furnishings and accessories ranging from 19th century to mid century modern, and included collectible vintage and antique jewelry. Aptly named "TheLuxuryLife"  she had a successful online business as well as representation in brick and mortar locations in Santa Monica and Newport Beach, California, catering primarily to decorators and the trade.

Faith has traveled extensively throughout North America, Europe, South America, The Middle East ,The Caribbean and French Polynesia. She studied modern dance, fashion design, cultural trends, indigenous cultures and metaphysics. Her love of gemstones and their properties led her to create her own one of a kind jewelry line, which was previously showcased at The Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas and was available online.

She currently resides in Southern California.

Faith understands the creative world as well as the operational side of running and marketing small and large businesses. Her knowledge and understanding of both worlds and how to effectively merge them, coupled with her desire to uplift, inspire and motivate others led her to this venture. A community of talented independent jewelry artists who share a mutual creative and customer service philosophy. She also offers in depth and personalized business consultation for beginning and emerging jewelry artists. 

The Jewelry Showcase is not just a platform for jewelry artists to post their designs. Faith works with and helps develop every artist to emerge to their next level. This personal attention and dedication sets The Jewelry Showcase apart from the rest. Whether emerging or established, there is always growth opportunity, and Faith recognizes every artists' potential and helps them to achieve their goals.


We welcome applications from talented independent jewelry artists. If you are an emerging or established brand interested in joining, please visit our sister site, YourJewelryShowroom to learn more and submit your application.

Testimonials /Excerpts from The Jewelry Showcase artists. Read the full versions here


“There are many things to consider when running a small business. When I joined The Jewelry Showcase and began working with Faith, I quickly realized how lucky I was to partner with someone who is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in all facets of the business. Several months ago I made a decision to invest my money and time in elevating my brand. There were many times I had questions about product, content, photography and interview strategies and Faith offered her time willingly for guidance, support, and inspiration. She genuinely cares about every artist on the platform and has demonstrated her willingness and desire to help them succeed. Thank you for this incredible opportunity.” - Lori Friedman


"From the beginning, working with Faith has not only been a pleasure but has been akin to taking a masters class in marketing and branding, Faith has an uncanny ability to get to the core of the matter with a deep reserve of patience mixed with a sense humor, professionalism and a true desire to do what is best for all. I learned more about my jewelry and how to “brand” and present it than I have ever learned from the high-priced marketing people I have hired in the past." - Andrea Gutierrez


"As a small business owner, maker and designer, working with Faith has been such an enriching experience for my brand. I have worked with other luxury brand consultants in the past and felt like I wasn’t learning what I needed to in order to elevate my brand. From the moment I started working with Faith, I began to get a much clearer picture of what I needed to do to get my business and brand to the next level. Not only did she encourage and lift me up, she worked patiently with me until we got every single detail just right. Faith willingly shared and kindly bestowed upon me her extensive experience and vast industry knowledge, which has proven to be priceless." - Jessica Noelle


"The decision to join TheJewelryShowcase was one of the best business decisions I have made for my jewelry line. Diversifying your online presence is important, but as a small one-woman operation I need to invest my time and efforts where I get the most return. This is not just another platform for listing my pieces. The JewelryShowcase has become a true partner and mentor in strengthening my brand message. They are committed to elevating the artists and their jewelry lines without changing their vision or quality." - Heidi Kingman

“A quick perusal of her Instagram page showed me all I needed to know––the lady has an incredible artistic and editorial eye; she is a true curator and appreciator of artisan jewelry! Faith’s knack of presenting each artist’s unique voice in the most appealing way is really helping to elevate my work. I felt like I benefitted from all of Faith’s wisdom and collective experience in working with the other jewelers. She made the process of photographing and listing my work as painless and as easy as possible. Faith has created a supportive and creative venture in The Jewelry Showcase and I feel incredibly honored to be included as one of the artist.” - Lisa Markowitz


“Working with Faith to prepare for the launch of The Jewelry Showcase has been an absolute pleasure. She is supportive, professional and knowledgeable. I am excited to be featured among the talented group of artists Faith has curated.” - Deborah Halperin